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Plain but not simple: how Logan City Council achieved plain language certification

Recorded presentation

Plain but not simple: how Logan City Council achieved plain language certification – recorded version

If you missed this presentation by IPEd member Judy Gregory at an Editors Queensland monthly meeting, or were unable to attend live, you can now pay to view the recording. Access information will be provided in your confirmation email once payment has been made.

Cost: Members & affiliate members (QWC/AUSIT) $10, Non-members $15


Dr Judy Gregory is a writer, editor, researcher, former academic, and long-time IPEd member. She first became involved with plain English in 1990, when she worked on the public awareness campaign for International Literacy Year and organised the Reader Friendly Communication Awards (a national competition for the best and worst document in the country). She is a gold-level certifier with PlainLanguagePro and worked as a consultant editor on Logan City Council's website project. Judy recently released a book about the café industry in Australia - Newbies in the Café: Lessons from behind the counter.

In 2019, Logan City Council rebuilt its website-reducing total pages by 40 percent, reducing linked PDFs by 88 percent, and centralising editorial control. The council's goal was a site where most information could be found with three clicks or fewer. In December, the website achieved gold-level certification with PlainLanguagePro and approached AA standards for accessibility.

Judy Gregory was Logan's external editor and plain language consultant for the website project. Join Judy for a conversation about:

  • what plain language accreditation means

  • how Logan approached its website editing and restructure

  • why plain language is a slippery concept that's about process, not outcome.


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